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Construction Company in Horsham, West Sussex
Construction Company in Horsham, West Sussex As specialists in No-Dig Installations and Trenchless Pipelines we are capable of taking on projects in a wide range of ground conditions, and have built a strong reputation in the industry for our ability to complete projects smoothly and efficiently.

Our success in the industry is underpinned by our values to:

Listen to customers and understand their specific requirements
Develop and deliver solutions for individual projects
Integrate CDM regulations in all activities
Provide a highly efficient, and smooth, contracting service
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Rowhook Manor Estate, Rowhook
Horsham, West Sussex
RH12 3PS
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Guided Auger Boring
read moreCompact equipment that can operate from shafts or pits as small as 2.40m, Guided Auger Boring is powerful and versatile with jacking forces of 85te up to 260te that can install a variety of pipe materials, including vitrified clay, steel, PE, concrete or GRP.

A cost-effective alternative to open cut, Guided Auger Boring is unaffected by surface obstacles. Ideal for installations where precision is paramount, with accuracy of +/- 25mm over distances of up to 120m between pits.
Directional Drilling
read moreDirectional Drilling or Horizontal boring as it sometimes known, provides a safe installation system for pipes, ducts and cables where conventional open cut methods of underground drilling are not permitted, practical or viable. It causes no disruption to roads or rail, does not scar the landscape and works from the surface.

We own and operate the most technologically-advanced drilling equipment, with pullback forces ranging from 14te up to 300te, and with our years of experience are able to complete small, medium and major pipeline projects.
HDD Rock Drilling
read moreOur years of experience and range of specialised equipment allows us to install pipelines in the toughest ground conditions and we have completed numerous difficult rock crossings.

We design, build and operate a versatile range of Rock Drilling equipment including maxi to mini drill rigs with pullback forces from 14te up to 300te. Our systems work from the surface with no need for deep excavations and allow pipes to be installed either straight or curved to steer clear of obstacles.
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