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lpha Horsham Carpet Cleaners are a premier carpet cleaning company operating in the Horsham area and throughout Sussex.

We use well-trained carpet-cleaning operatives and your satisfaction is our most important consideration.

Not only will we thoroughly clean your carpets, but we also tackle your rugs, upholstery and your curtains in situ.

We clean homes throughout the area and we also clean carpets, upholstery and curtains in offices and many commercial establishments.
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Standby Yard B13, Foundry Lane
Horsham, West Sussex
RH13 5PX
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01403 371021
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Rug Cleaning
At Alpha Horsham Carpet Cleaners we not only take care of your carpets, but can also clean your rugs.

Please give us a call to discuss your specific requirements and we can advise on the best treatment.

Most of us have rugs in our houses, whether they are placed on carpets or on hard floor surfaces.

Depending on their location, they can become quite dirty and will really come up well with our professional rug cleaning.
Most of our clients choose to have their upholstery cleaned at the same time as their carpets, leaving their whole house looking fresh and clean.

We have the latest cleaning equipment to professional treat your office and home upholstery, leaving it beautifully clean without any residue.

Chairs and sofas naturally accumulate dirt and grit over time. Our gentle, yet thorough, cleaning methods will restore the appearance of your upholstery. Not only that but removing abrasive dirt will naturally prolong the life of the fabric.
Removing Stains
But when you have your carpets professional cleaned by Alpha Horsham Carpet Cleaners, you'll see that all the stains disappear, leaving you with fresh and wonderfully clean carpets and rugs.
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01403 371021
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