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Acupuncture & Acupressure in Horsham, West Sussex
Acupuncture & Acupressure in Horsham, West Sussex Acombination of eastern and western acupuncture as well as traditional, cranial and visceral osteopathy is carried out for various purposes such as general reduction of pain and restriction in painful joints and muscles.

Offering relief also for:



Back/neck pain

Joint pain


Chest infection and shortness of breath



Pins & needles and numbness in arms and hands

Frozen shoulder

Muscle tension


TMJ dysfunction


Depression and anxiety

Unsettled babies / toddlers

Pre/post pregnancy pain and discomfort

PMT symptoms / pre-menstrual pain and discomfort

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) / chronic fatigue syndrome

Compartment syndrome

Our clinic provides successful treatment for improving fertility, reducing risks of miscarriage, keeping expecting mums in good physical health in preparation for labour, etc. We are also experienced in treating cancer patients to reduce the side-effects of their chemotherapy and radiotherapy and provide effective palliative care in terms of reducing physical and emotional stress, hence improving the quality of lives of our patients and their families.
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  • Year established: 2007
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Deep tissue techniques
read moreDeep tissueto reduce hypertonicity in various parts of the muscles. The increased tone and tightness in tissues restricts blood flow and hence the availability of oxygen to the muscles. As well as generating pain, the hypertonic muscles increase tension in the joints that they are attached to hence increasing the chance of joint damage such as osteoarthritis. Various deep tissue techniques are used to combat this problem and also to reset the neurological input of chronically hypertonic tissues.
Joint manipulation and articulation
read moreThese techniques are aimed at increasing the mobility of restricted joints. Blood flow to a restricted joint is usually inefficient due to the lack of action in that joint. It is sometimes very difficult for the patient to self-mobilise these joints due to severe pain and discomfort. By nature, some articulation is not self-administrated such as rib articulation for asthma and shortness of breath.
Positional release
read morePositional release is a technique where the painful and /or restricted joint is held in a certain position for a certain length of time. This resets the proprioceptors (sensors) of the muscles and joints and returns the joint into a dynamic balance.
Muscle energy technique
read moreMuscle energy technique in which the patient actively takes part by using the muscles in certain positions against resistance. Usually used for muscles suffering from spasm and hypertonia.
Harmonic technique
read moreHarmonic technique which is a very relaxing and calming tool while achieving increased mobility in the joints as well as improving venous and lymphatic drainage.
Visceral technique
read moreVisceral technique used for reducing tension in the viscera for conditions such as IBS, constipation, shortness of breath, period pains, stress, etc.
read moreAcupuncture which research suggests works through reducing inflammation, inhibition of pain nerve fibres as well as releasing endorphins into the body.
The facial rejuvenation
read moreThe facial rejuvenation is suggested to be effective as a result of collagen production in aging tissues underneath the skin, hence bringing back the plumpness and the elasticity which is gradually lost through the process of aging, using cosmetic products, dehydration, bad diet, lack of exercise and sleep, UV damage, etc.


Joy B. 82
read moreI am an old lady with a lot of health problems. At the time I had back pain, hip pain and shoulder pain. I also had a lot of shortness of breath. Zohreh treated all my aches and pains and listened to all my problems. That was when I was diagnosed with a terminal disease and was told I had only a very short time left. Zohreh comforted me when my family was panicking. I go to see Zohreh every week and when I am very sick or feeling very weak she comes to see me at my place. She always explains to me the cause of my discomfort and explains to me what she wants to do and she tells me if I am going to have some discomfort for a shortwhile after the treatment.

She works on my muscles and joints and makes me walk around more easily and she works on my lungs and makes me breathe much better when doctors told me a few years ago that my lungs are going to stop working soon. She also acupunctures me and talks to me and listens to me and I feel I can face the world when I go out of her room. I am not scared of what is to come, perhaps very soon, as I always remember the calming conversations I have had with Zohreh about life and death during the last three years. I highly recommend Zohreh to anyone who suffers with any physical pain and emotional pain. She does your body good and your soul good. That is what she has done for me when I was meant to have gone years ago.
Pat R. 71
read moreDuring debilitating chemo-therapy treatment for cancer, Zohreh's expertise with acupuncture, osteopathy and gentle massage helped me cope with the unpleasant side-effects, notably with nausea, fatigue, insomnia, constipation, loss of appetite, dry mouth, mouth ulcers and sweats especially during night time.
Along with her helpful advice, I find her treatments invaluable.
Barry B, 66
read moreI would like to thank Zohreh for the kind help in reducing my problems associated with metabolic syndrome. Her devotion to helping me has resulted in me being able to walk over half a mile since not being able to walk even 4 paces in March 2010, when I started the treatment.

As a type 2 diabetic and also having major heart problems I was suffering from leg and calf pain which the consultants offered pain killers for. The side effects from these tablets could have been responsible for the weight gain of many pounds, as I was already over weight, I looked round for an alternative and I was lucky to find Zohreh, who started me on a course of osteopathic treatment and acupuncture. The pain started to ease just within 2 weeks and now I have been discharged from hospital and off the consultants lists.

One has to admit that at first I was not fully convinced as my understanding was lacking, but the reward of walking and freedom of pain has made my life so much more liveable and enjoyable.
Jane H. 78
read moreI have been receiving treatment from Zohreh Mandegaran for approximately two years and would highly recommend her as an osteopath/acupuncturist. I have suffered a chronic back condition for a number of years which has been greatly eased following replacement knee surgery.

I receive regular treatment in order to maintain good mobility as I am a senior citizen and realise how important it is to keep mobile. In the past I have been treated by osteopaths and chiropractors but find the combination of therapies I receive from Dr Mandegaran to be an ideal solution for me. Dr Mandegarans approach is very friendly yet highly professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her to people of all ages who are in need of help in her specialised fields.
Allan W, 80
read moreI have had quite a number of visits to osteopaths and chiropractors over the years. The visits were in connection with hip, knee and sports injuries consequential to football, cycling, tennis and golfing activities. Currently, I am in my eighth decade and walk on average three rounds of golf each week and with gardening am quite physically active.

Some three months ago, I was introduced to Zohreh. Zohreh is an osteopath with a marked difference. Her approach to the treatment of muscular and joint problems is completely different to my previous experiences. The results from her administrations of my particular problems have been outstanding. The muscle stretching, joint flexibility and relief from discomfort have been excellent.

I am pleased to recommend her as an exceptional practitioner of her profession.
Nikki Williamson
read moreZohreh has practiced both Osteopathy and Acupuncture on me. I had lost left trapezius muscle, some speech and swallow capacity due to Radiotherapy treatment for Throat Cancer. Zohreh has given me back a good range of movement and has softened the fibrosis in my neck considerably. Zohreh is also a gold mine of information about health in general and gave me tips and exercises to use daily to improve my mobility overall.
I highly recommend Zohreh and her practice.
Georgie MacLean
read moreI have been seeing Zohreh for just over 3 months with bad arthritis in both of my knees. There has been a great improvement since I first saw her in both of them. I recently hurt my back whilst playing golf, and Zohreh was kind enough to fit me in the next day. There was an immediate improvement and having seen her just twice she seems to have fixed the problem. She is an excellent osteopath and also uses her acupuncturist knowledge along side. She is also a lovely person and I can strongly recommend her.
Rachel Grimsdell
read moreI suffer with pain that I get as a result of my MS and I had osteopathy and acupuncture with Zohreh to try and help my symptoms. Both of these treatments have helped me SO much! She is incredibly knowledgeable and has suggested other home remedies to help me too. I cannot recommend enough!
Laila Marafie
read moreI came to Zohreh a few years back with a lower back issue that Id been suffering with for a long time. Over the course of a few treatments Zohreh had completely solved my issue.
I continue to see her for maintenance and if anything else crops up, and I always walk away feeling lighter, less tight and refreshed.
Over the years I have personally recommended friends, family, clients and fellow yogis to Zohreh and I will continue to do so as I firmly believe shes one of the best therapists out there.
Shes so kind and friendly, and always makes you feel at ease.
Marta Sulowska
read moreFantastic therapist, helped my with my lower back pain, leg cramps, and shoulder pain during my pregnancy, I could not believe how my pain reduced dramatically straightaway after first visit, I am very impressed! I am recommending Dr Zohreh to my friends already also to anyone in pain, great therapist!
Oct 28, 2019
Very happy
I went to see Zohreh to see if she could help with menopausal symptoms, such as anxiety, fatigue, aches etc. I am not able to take any hormones, as I take Letrazole after recovering from Breast cancer. After 6 weeks, my blood pressure has reduced and my anxiety has pretty much disappeared. Not only does Zohreh have so much knowledge of the body's anatomy and also recommends herbal remedies and exercises to help with various issues, she is a lovely kind person and makes you feel very comfortable.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Peter Downes
Dec 20, 2019
Acute Shoulder Injury
I recently developed a should injury , my normal therapist advised me, injuries like these could take months to heal.

I made an appointment with Dr Zohreh, in just 3 weeks , I was back in the gym.

I was very impressed with the quick diagnosis and treatment coupled with sound advice moving forward with training, I am now booked in every six weeks for routine maintenance appointments to ensure I stay flexible and pain free.
advice on body mechanics and importance of stretching.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Gay Humphreys
Jun 25, 2020
Gay Humphreys
Over the last few years I've suffered periodically with lower back pain but never knew who the right person to go and see about it and it always gradually got better by itself. so I ignored it and carried on. Never a good thing to do as recently the lower back pain came bak with a vengeance and did not get better by itself. I couldn't bend over to pick stuff up off the floor and I was in pain all the time; I mentioned this to my fab yoga teacher, Laila, and she recommended Zohreh to me. Thank goodness for Zohreh is all I can say; I left her house that day free of the pain and my range of movement was almost back to normal.
I went back to see Zohreh the following week so she could continue to help me and she did some more acupuncture on me, this has been incredible as I had no expectation of what acupuncture would be like, but it has really helped me to sleep better and I'm sure its helping with the pain too along with all the wonderful manipulation/stretching that Zohreh does. Thank goodness for Zohreh is all I can say!
Annette Mew-Schaefer
Jan 07, 2021
Highly recommended
I suffered for years from chronic pain in my shoulder and neck area due to bad posture and long, stressful working hours at the computer. To alleviate my symptoms I had seen a variety of Osteopaths and Sports therapists when Zohreh was recommended to me. She was the first health professional so far, whose hands-on treatment didn't loose its intensity and vigour after the first visits. She is very experienced in the various methods to make you better and being such an compassionate person the improvement and wellbeing of her patients are clearly close to her heart. Having moved away from Horsham a few years ago I am still missing her treatments and when in the area I try to get an appointment.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Sonia Hallan
Jan 07, 2021
Excellent treatment
Was looking for both a acupuncturist and an osteopath and was surprised when I came across Zohreh who offered both. I've been seeing Zohreh weekly for about 7 weeks now and I am seeing positive results already for my tightness and hormones. Symptoms I've had for years!
Zohreh is confident in her work and gives you no nonsense advise on how to make yourself better. It's simple and so effective. I would 100% recommend Zohreh she offers excellent treatment and holistic therapy and is a very kind, wise and experienced woman who can help you in many ways.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Value for Money
Service & Support
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